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Optimum Business Internet

Get your business connected and protected with secure high-speed Internet up to 1 Gbps.

Get connected and protected with high-speed Internet for your business that has security built-in from the start. Optimum Business Secure Internet includes DDoS and DNS protection as an integrated part of our service, ensuring you're well-guarded from a wide range of digital attacks. Every package also includes unlimited access to over 2 million Optimum WiFi hotspots.

Optimum Business Fiber Internet

Bring a 100% Fiber Internet network directly to your business. It’s a faster, more reliable connection so you can keep up with all the ways business is changing and keep your network ready for whatever comes next.

Optimum WiFi

Optimum Business Internet customers get fast, reliable and unlimited Internet access at over 2 million+ hotspots in the Tri-State area. That means that no matter where you may be running your business, you can still check email, place orders and keep operations running from just about anywhere.

Optimum Business PRO WiFi

A unique solution that lets you easily customize your businesses’ WiFi experience, while also providing you with important data about your customer base – giving you incredible marketing insights essential to your business.

LTE Wireless Failover

Powered by a multi-carrier SIM compatible with all 3 major US wireless networks that power your major mobile devices, LTE Wireless Failover maximizes coverage, speed, performance and provides peace of mind.

Optimum Online Static IP

Improve the accessibility of your network and devices, making them more reachable. Whether your business operates a web or email server, your employees utilize VPN or you access surveillance footage remotely, Optimum can offer you multiple Static IP addresses.


Protect Your Business
Keep your business protected 24/7/365 with Optimum Business Secure Internet featuring DDoS Security, DNS Security and MCAFEE® Anti-Virus Protection.

30-Day Guarantee
We’re so confident in our services that we offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee. If you’re not totally satisfied, we’ll refund you.

24/7/365 Support
Our U.S.-based customer service team is always ready to support your business. Contact us anytime day or night – even on holidays.

Same Day Service
We strive to keep you connected, but If an issue with your service occurs, we’ll start working on it the same day – even if it requires an on-site visit.